We maintain a growing and open dataset of boundaries and regulations that apply to marine protected areas (MPAs) and fishery management areas in U.S. and international marine waters, available for viewing and download here.

The goal of our effort is to provide a helpful resource for fishermen and mariners to use on the water and to enhance situational awareness of regulations and conservation measures for long-term marine management. Our U.S. contribution is depicted in this chart, but we could not do it alone. A large portion of boundary data in our datasets is compiled from federal and state agencies that created the data for marine managed areas under their jurisdiction.

We are pleased to be in a public/private partnership with NOAA’s National MPA Center. This partnership has helped ensure the most comprehensive and accessible MPA data is available for marine resource managers and the general public. We are also proudly partnered with Navionics to assist boaters and fishermen with navigation in and around Marine Protected Areas.

We are continually seeking additional contributors and partners to expand the dataset and make it more robust.

If you have marine managed areas that you would like included in our datasets, please see our Submit Data page for instructions on how to contribute. Or, if you would like to distribute this data or if you have feedback about existing data, please contact support@protectedseas.net.