MPA Deployment sites must:

  1. Have regulations in place and geo coordinates of MPA boundaries
  2. Have committed staff to manage equipment and perform enforcement
  3. Have enforcement capabilities (rangers, boats, etc.)
  4. Have infrastructure in place to house equipment:
    • Clear line of Sight or a Radar Tower: To ensure a clear view of the area being monitored, the radar needs to be mounted at least 25-30ft above water. The height of the tower depends on radar location and distance from the coastline. The roof of a building or other structure with a clear view of the managed area can also be used in place of a tower.
    • Electricity: A consistent power source must be available (either grid tide or off grid) to power the system 24/7. Specific power requirements vary depending on system hardware configuration.
    • Internet Access: Internet connection via ethernet or wifi connection. If local internet connection is unavailable a remote internet connection is required through a satellite internet terminal capable of transmitting via HTTP protocol and a data plan of at least 5.5MB/day.
  5. Be willing to share regular reports on boat activity and to share data
  6. Be willing to assist with logistics for shipping equipment
  7. Be funded for deployment and maintenance. Anthropocene Institute will provide software, hosting, and consulting services. To view total projected costs, please visit Full Projected Marine Monitor Costs.
  8. Fill out the M2 Deployment Site Application and send to