Institutional Capacity Building

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Communicating climate change

The Anthropocene Institute partners with organizations to raise public awareness of climate change and to garner support for appropriate mitigation and adaptation strategies.

The Upside: A future of abundance and prosperity awaits us, the worlds people, and non-human inhabitents, if we move forward with smart innovation. The Downside: A future of pain and poverty awaits us if we continue to use half-century or century old energy technologies.

Part of this effort involves encouraging individuals and organizations to have longer-term perspectives. The stock market as it is currently structured encourages short-term thinking, despite lower long-term capital gains taxes. That’s fixable! Capitalism is a game of incentives, and while govt regulation is a long way from being able to enforce wisdom, business executives can love making more money, as evaluated over a longer term. See Long Term Planning with Loyalty Shares.

Nurturing innovations in the financial sector

The Anthropocene Institute is analyzing a variety of approaches to change market incentives, including a tax on trades to discourage high volume short-term trading. However, any incentive-based scheme needs careful consideration of unintended consequences. The Anthropocene Institute’s goal is to provide a forum where possibilities are considered.

To support cultural change the Anthropocene Institute believes there is a need for effective communication of science. This can be challenging because many scientists are not aware that scientific marketing exists.

ea-building-climate-leadership-01-220x70One organization that would help craft messages that resonate with the majority of American’s, as tested by experiment, is ecoAmerica. Scientific institutions typically spend $0 on marketing, so it is no wonder they are not present in the debate between American’s and their politicians. And only 6% of Americans will every be part of an “environmental group”. It is actually pretty easy to get people to take action in their own self-defense. But not by relying on scientists or environmentalists alone, who tend to think it is unprofessional sounding to do anything except preach to the converted. People belong to tribes and have trusted leaders who are eager to help bring them to safety.

To encourage conversation about climate change, we have created a “Let’s Talk Climate” button that can be ordered here. When ordering, use the button design file, downloadable here.