Anthrocean supports research and development of new technologies that have the potential to improve the health and sustainability of the ocean on a broad scale.

Addressing Overfishing

The majority of the world’s fish stocks are overfished each year, and this form of human interaction with the environment plays a major role in the destruction of aquatic habitats. We support research efforts towards understanding how we can improve ocean health by advancing technologies for sustainable fishing and aquaculture practices.
• Mapping and monitoring Marine Protected Areas
• Advances in feed formulation that reduce environmental impact

Reversing Pollution

As technology advances to solve the problems of an ever-growing and evolving society, some of these solutions come at the cost of the environment. We support efforts aimed at reversing pollution caused by human activity and creating solutions that enable industry to support global populations without harming the environment.
• Reduction of agricultural runoff, urban pollution and deterioration of aquatic environments
• Measurement and prevention of aquatic pathogens and harmful algal blooms

Habitat Restoration

Coastal habitats have been significantly altered by human activity. We support efforts that advance technologies and knowledge of practices to prevent the entry of pollutants and restore keystone species in these habitats.

We support programs that create the next generation of environmental stewards with an emphasis on experiences for children from diverse backgrounds.
• Environmental education programs that help youth from diverse backgrounds connect with nature
• Citizen science efforts that train volunteers to contribute valuable data to promote the protection of aquatic habitats
• Community-based conservation that yields measurable impact on coastal communities

Grant Cycles
Preliminary proposals will be reviewed on a six-month cycle each year. Deadlines for applications are end of November and end of May. Once the preliminary proposals are reviewed, Anthrocean will invite applicants individually to submit a full proposal.

Preliminary Proposals
Should include an overview of how the project fits within the context of the Anthrocean’s areas of interest. It should also include an anticipated impact of proposed project in terms of quantifiable ecological benefit.  Explain how the technologies you develop hold promise for cost reduction, replication, and scaling for broad impact in a way that is novel. Please also include a timeline of proposed activities as well as a rough draft of proposed budget. Grants are in the $40-$50K range. Preliminary proposal documents should not exceed 3 pages.